Access is growing!

We are starting new ministries and working on exciting projects…

We are experiencing steady, healthy growth that is really exciting. We are getting new seating, new worship team additions, and new ministries!

We are focusing on our community

Community is vital to our congregation. We are working on some exciting plans to get together to share meals before service and creating activities after service.


We love our tight knit community and living life together is one of our favorite things.


It is so important that everyone who wants to be on our worship team be included.


Reaching out to our community and bringing focus to smaller organizations is a significant goal for Access.

An array of resources

We are working on building up a list of resources for our community to use. If you have a great resource, leet Dennis or Melanie know and they can add it to the list.

List of Special Needs Resources

Help to build our comprehensive list of resources available in Colorado.